Telemarketing Fraud: How Fraudsters use Telephones as Weapons?


Telemarketing fraud has become common in the present scenario. It involves fraud using the telephone where the fraudster will gain money and remains as a loss for the victims. The fraudster will use the telephone as the main weapon to cheat the person. They will disarm the opponent and receive financial gain. It is a massive problem that is occurring all over the world on daily basis. It is a loss to customers and businesses, and the fraudsters are making billions of dollars of revenue through this method. There are different kinds of telemarketing frauds taking place. Some fraudsters will disguise another person and fraud the innocent people. It is commonly termed as identity theft.

The victims would think that they receive a service or product by paying the money to the mentioned account number. In the end, they would not receive any money and remain as a victim of telemarketing fraud. Nowadays, it is common to get messages and mail saying that they have a received a prize or award for their number. The fraudster will contact the victim in a friendly and humble tone, and they tell that they are proud to honor you in part of the company. The fraudster will gain the trust of the victim by using names of large corporations and popular companies. They will speak as a synonym for trust and honesty. Some people will get cheated by their words and at last feel for the loss incurred.

Another way to cheat people is sending scam messages like travel packages, prize offers, recovery scams, charities, and investments. The scammers will discuss by sitting together and try to contact hundreds and thousands of victims a day. They will send direct emails, make cold calls, and publish their scam messages in magazines, television, newspaper, and other advertisement options.

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